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A great mix of archery and rifle shooting combined in one package, crossbows are easy to use and immense fun when engaging multiple targets on our zombie range. Much easier to master than traditional archery, crossbows are very simple in operation and this makes them the perfect activity for most age groups.


With a well documented history the crossbow dates back to the 11th Century when it was the main arm of choice for most of the world’s armies. Easy to learn and with much quicker training times the crossbow was more favoured over the traditional longbow.


Test your skills against an army of undead zombies, our zombie range is guaranteed to keep you entertained!













On site (You come to us) :  


Crossbows - 1 hour session - £25 per person

(£20 per head if booking a group of 10+ people)



Off site hire* (We come to you) : 


4 x Crossbow kit hire  - 4 hour hire - £480


4 x Crossbow kit hire  - 7 hour hire - £650



Includes: Crossbows, arrows, Zombie targets,  safety net and instructor. 


Notes: Space required 30 meters x 30 meters.