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Paintball is a fast paced activity well suited for stag parties, birthdays and team building events. The idea of the activity is to eliminate the opposing team by firing balls filled with paint. When an opposition player is hit then they are out of the game.


There are many different scenarios that can be played, from capturing the opposing teams flag to team elimination, just to name a few, we certainly will have enough games to keep your adrenalin pumping!


We can come to you ....


If you have woodland at your venue then we can bring all the kit required to run an event for you, subject to a full risk assessment of the site.




We also operate a mobile paintball arena which is easily deployable and features up to 20 inflatable bunkers. The requirements for the arena are minimal, we just need some flat level ground with an area of approximately 100 meters x 100 meters.







Play at our Woodland site:


600 Paintballs - £35 per person (All kit included)



Session Timings :  


9.30 am - 12.30 pm or 12.30 pm - 4.30 pm


Fullday 10.00 am - 3.30 pm




Off site hire* (We come to you) : 


Inflatable Paintball Arena - 4 hour hire - £750


Inflatable Paintball Arena - 7 hour hire - £1300


Includes: kit for up to 50 players including Paintball Markers, Pod packs, full face goggles, air system and safety marshals.  


Notes: Risk assessment to be carried out for site suitability, minimum age to participate is 11 years.