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The Power turn buggy is a new type of extreme off road vehicle, powered by two powerful engines each controlling one of the rear wheels in order to give these buggies their unique ability to change direction in an instant and for unlimited wheelie fun!


Very simple to operate. Each engine is powered by its own throttle lever either side of the driver therefore there is no steering wheel or gears. When both levers are pushed together the buggy accelerates forwards and when one lever is engaged the buggy turns, giving you the ability to safely wheelie around corners! Or conduct rapid instant manoeuvres and stunts.


To add a bit more of a twist our twin seat Powerturn buggies are a great way to build team communication as two people can drive the buggy via a lever each with some interesting results!


The Powerturn features a full roll cage, seat belts and engine cut off for maximum safety.


Powerturn buggies can be driven by anyone over the age of 16 and we can also take anyone over the age of 12 out in them for passenger rides.









On site (You come to us) :  


Powerturn Experience - 60 minutes - £38 per person




Off site hire* (We come to you) : 


2 x Powerturn Buggies hire  - 4 hour hire - £750


2 x Powerturn Buggies hire - 7 hour hire - £1200



Includes: Safety helmet, racing balaclavas, fuel and safety instructor. 


Notes: For off site hire you must have a minimum area size of 50 x 50 meters, subject to risk assessment.