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As used by many of the world’s Militaries for training, most notably by the United States Marine Corps and Navy seals. Real action markers fire a .43 calibre rubber ball which is loaded inside an alloy shell case fed by a 20 round magazine. When a round is fired the alloy shell case is ejected out of the gun as per its real life counterpart for ultimate realism. The marker is powered by Co2 capsules concealed within the stock.


Their primary role is for non-lethal military training and battle scenarios, although they are also capable of being use for tactical paintballing due to their ability to fire.43 calibre paintballs.


Our Real action markers brings you as close as you can get to military hardware which is used by soldiers the world over. Shooters can choose between the legendary “M4” assault rifle or “Glock” pistol. To include a rapid fire speed shoot competition at the end to see who the fastest shot is!


• Glock Pistol (RAP17) , MP5 (RAP5) or Colt M4 (RAP4) Carbine available.

• Practice and tuition session.

• Exciting array of different knock down Zombie targets.

• Session will finnish with a competition with medal awarded to best shot

• Fully mobile we can come to your location/event.


Fully UK legal as classed as an air weapon.




On site:


Real Action Markers - 1 Hour -  £25 Per Head



Off site hire:


Moblie Gun Range - 4 hour hire - £480


Moblie Gun Range - 7 hour hire - £650



Includes: Selection of Real action markers including RAP4 (M4 Carbine), RAP5 (MP5) and RAP17 (Glock). Interactive targets and safety instructor. 


Notes: Space required 12 meters x 12 meters, can be used in and outdoors.   


Age Restriction: 7 Years

m4 assault rifle in .43 caliber with box of ammunitionkey information about our company in bullet point format