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Our bushcraft courses will strip all that you know of the modern world and will show you how to reconnect with that bond we all have with nature but have lost due to the evolving world we live in. You will learn the core skills needed to survive in the outdoors.


Fire has always been one of the most important things that has kept us alive throughout the ages, not only does it provide essential warmth and comfort, but it has also enabled us to cook food and sterilise water. Possessing fire building skills to create fire using primitive technology will leave you with an elated sense of achievement!


We will teach you various fire lighting methods from making and using your own bow drills to using friction sticks and firesteels (sorry lighters and matches are not allowed). Knowing how to make embers is one thing but nurturing those glowing embers into a fiery ball requires the correct knowledge of what tinder and kindling to use.


Every survival situation is different so we will talk you through the various types of fires used for cooking and maximum heat output for survival in the most adverse of terrains and weather conditions.  


Foraging for food and water is no easy task and can be deadly if you don’t know what you are looking for, but you’ll be surprised at the abundance of safe food nature can provide if you know where to look.


Our Bushcraft instructors will give you an insight of where to forage for wild food, taking into account the changing seasons and most importantly how-to identify what plants and fungi’s is safe to eat. Water is essential for all living beings so its of ultimate priority to find a safe source of hydration whilst paying special attention to filtering and purification techniques.


Who can resist a spot of wild cooking over a fire with a pan of sizzling bacon and a kettle for a brew? Bushcraft food skills are vitally important, it’s one thing to forage for food or hunt game but if you don’t possess the skills to prepare your meals in the outdoors you could end up getting sick.


Our instructors will give you step by step instructions on how to clean, skin and butcher various types of game from rabbits to deers. We will even show you the fundamentals of game trekking and animal track identification including the use of a recurve bow on our realistic 3D deer target!


The importance of shelter building during a survival situation cannot be underestimated, our skilled survival experts will demonstrate various techniques on shelter construction, from the basic to the more complex.


Using axes and knives you will learn how to carve and craft timber to make solid and stable joints. Paracord and tarpaulin is one thing but what if you don’t have those to hand? Well nature has some more than adequate substitutes you just need to know where to look.


Identification of correct tree types will help ensure that you have the right materials for your bushcraft shelter. You will be provided with all bushcraft essentials during the session including bow drills, knives and axes to assist you in camp crafts that will be covered throughout the session.


Our instructors are survival experts and have been running bushcraft courses in Dorset for over 10 years. Bushcraft skills not only last the duration of this course but one day they might actually save your life!  


This activity is great for schools and team building events as it’s both educational and promotes teamwork.


Our bushcraft centre is set within 3 acres of lush woodland on the outskirts of Bournemouth so perfect for any adventurous stag do or hen party experience!










On Site:


Bushcraft Experience - Half Day - £40 Per Head



Includes: All equipment included, bow drills and member of staff.  


Notes: Bring suitable clothing including waterproof coat. 


Age Restriction: 6 Years    

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