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Take the clay archery challenge and prove to your friends how much of a dead eye you are when it comes to handling a bow! If you enjoy clay pigeon shooting and archery, then you’ll love clay archery (an exciting combination of both). Using a recurve bow your objective is to take down a speeding foam disk as it sores through the sky.


You will need your wits, discipline and skill if you are to achieve this feat. Forming up in a line you and your budding archers will stand in the alert position, arrow at the ready for rapid target acquisition. On the command of “Pull”, track and unleash your speeding arrow to knock the evasive target from the sky. Prove that even you can give Katniss Everdeen a run for her money!


Who will be the best shot in your group?


On site (You come to us) :  


Clay Archery - 60 minute session - £25 per person

( £20 per head if booking a group of 10+ people)



Off site hire* (We come to you) : 


Clay Archery  - 2 hour hire - £220


Clay Archery  - 4 hour hire - £325



Includes: Clay Trap, disks, bows, arrows and instructor. 


Notes: Can be used indoor and outdoor.