Archery tag is a unique combination of Dodge ball and archery using specialist bows and arrows. A new type of combat activity which is like paintball and laser tag but requires a lot more skill! You and your noble friends will unite as you take up battle formations and march towards the foe! Equipped with a recurve bow and a quiver full of foam tipped arrows you will unleash hell on any opposition archers who dare to threaten your castle!

Quick thinking and rapid movement will be your saviour as you dodge incoming arrows using our archery barricades. Blot out the sun with arrows as you fire devastating volleys on the opposing team! Watch out tho, you will need to keep moving around replenishing your arrows as you pluck them from the surface of the battlefield.

The objective is simple, in this adrenaline filled game you and your team will wage war for complete dominance of the battlefield, trying to eliminate the opposition whilst dodging incoming fire. If you are hit by an arrow you are classed as “Dead” but fear not, if your team catches an arrow in mid-flight or you knock out a target disc from the oppositions castle you can respawn your team back into the battle and continue the fight until victory is achieved!

All players are issued with full head paintball masks for protection. The arrows are fairly accurate and most importantly completely safe featuring a large foam head for a pain free experience.

Ultimate Combat Archery Experience 

Combat archery is hugely popular with stag and hen parties and is also great for team building events as we can pretty much bring this set up to any location. We can set up our barricades indoor or outdoors. Our archery tag arena is based in Bournemouth and can be played on our large sports field or in our 3 acre woodland.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done archery tag before, our instructors will teach you the basics of archery before the session starts.


On Site:
Archery Tag – 1 Hour – £25 Per Head

Off Site Hire:
Archery Tag Hire – 2 Hours – £395

Archery Tag Hire – 4 Hours – £495


  • Recurve Bows
  • Foam Tipped Arrows
  • Goggles
  • Team Bibs
  • Team Targets 
  • Armbands
  • Instructors
  • Archery Barricades 

Notes: Space required 30 x 15 meters.

Age Restriction: 12 Years

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