Hovercraft Dorset

Hovercraft Dorset experience at our Bournemouth Hovercraft venue features a large grass field with racetrack, so you will have plenty of space to zoom around! Hovercrafting will leave you and your friends with a big smile on your face!

We offer a totally unique hovercraft experience for those adrenaline junkies who have tried other motorsports such as quads and rage buggies.

These awesome flying machines are not only fast but very agile as they glide smoothly over land and water. There really is no limitations as to what these marvellous machines can do!

You will be briefed buy our hovercraft instructors on the basic operations of the vehicle, simple in relation to other extreme motorsports. Steering is done using handled bars which are linked to a rudder at the back of the craft.

Just fire up the engine, increase the revs and feel the craft lift as you become airborne hovering 30 cm off the ground!

The thrill of drifting sideways floating on air whilst being propelled by a powerful engine to speeds of up to 30 MPH is thrilling! The downward draft from the propeller inflates the skirt providing a bed of air between the hovercraft and ground.

Hovercraft come highly recommended for stag parties and hen do’s. We can also bring our hovercrafts to any team building and corporate event.

Come fly with us at our premier Hovercraft Bournemouth venue, the greatest hovercrafting experience in Dorset!

child driving a hovercraft on his birthday

Hovercrafting Prices

On Site:
Hovercraft  – 1 Hour Session – £50 Per Head

Off Site Hire:
2 x Hovercraft Event – 4 Hour Hire – £1200
2 x Hovercraft Event – 6 Hour Hire – £1600


  • Hovercraft
  • Transport 
  • Fuel
  • Safety Helmets
  • Instructors

Notes: for us to bring our Hovercraft to your venue you must ensure that you have a large open area.

Age Restriction: 6 Years

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