Nerf Parties

Fast and furious non-stop Nerf action! Go crazy whilst tactically manoeuvring around our alien themed Nerf arena!

Nerf wars is a mix of paintball and laser tag but using toy guns which are called blasters to fire soft darts that are completely safe offering a pain free experience.

So much fun to be had by both children and big kids – a must for any Nerf fan and exceptionally popular with “Fortnight” game fanatics!

What could be more exciting than having access to an armoury of nerf guns, endless amounts of ammo and having your squad mates at your side? Duck, jump and slide with plenty of cover on offer… you and your team will dodge incoming fire whilst returning a barrage of Nerf darts at the opposition!

Sharpen your nerf marksman skills on our target range whilst getting familiar with our stunning nerf gun armory at your disposal. We have nerf pistols, revolvers and sniper rifles for the dads!

Our Nerf Wars parties feature many exciting games to play ranging from Zombie strike, capture the flag, team Deathmatch and the last battle of the day “dads vs kids”. At various points air drops will be made into no mans land, reload with extra darts and heavy nerf weaponry before the opposition does!

We offer Nerf parties at our Bournemouth venue. You can choose between using our arena in our large sports hall or play in our 3 acre woodland featuring battle bunkers and bases. If you require hire of one of our function rooms for catering after the party then this can be arrange.

Being highly mobile we can bring our Nerf arena to any venue or workplace so long as there is at least 35ft x 35ft of space. Brilliant for family fun days, school events and team building office wars.

We take the safety of all our participants seriously and that is why we only use Nerf approved darts and N-strike goggles.

Our Kids Nerf Wars parties are amazing for children aged 6+, we also offer go karting, kids paintball and laser tag parties.

Nerf Parties Prices

On Site:
Nerf Party – 1.5 Hour Hire – £275

Off Site Hire:
Nerf Party – 1.5 Hour Hire – £300
Nerf Party – 4 Hour Hire – £450
Nerf Party – 7 Hour Hire – £600


  • Inflatable Nerf Arena
  • Nerf Blasters 
  • Nerf Darts
  • Nerf Eye Protection
  • Blower
  • Nerf Themed Party Bags
  • Instructors

Notes: Can be set up indoors or outside on a grassed field.

Arena Size: 12 x 12 meters.

Age Restriction: 5 Years

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