Footgolf Dorset

Footgolf Dorset is a unique adaptation of golf and football which involves huge amounts of fun! The aim of this activity is to complete a 12-hole course by kicking the ball into each hole in the fewest shots possible.

Test your skills as we throw in a few obstacles for you to navigate, power that ball to the objective then refine your footwork as you hole the ball. Only footwork is allowed, no other parts of your body may contact the footgolf ball.

Footgolf originated from the United States back in the 1920’s, with a recent revival in the Netherlands by premier league footballers this activity has surged in popularity. You can book a footgolf session as a stand alone activity or can combine with other activities for a truly unique experience.

Very appealing to most football and golf fans but equally enjoyed by all being extremely popular with stag parties and schools. With football and golf being the most popular sports in the world this thrilling sport makes for a perfect add on activity to any of our packages.

So if you have a bunch of friends who are football crazy then look no further and book your footgolf session with Dorset Adventure Sports.

We can bring our footgolf set up to any outdoor venue and combine with crokick which is another popular football themed activity.

Footgolf Dorset Prices

On Site:
Footgolf – 1 Hour – £20 Per Head

Off Site Hire:
Footgolf – 4 Hour Hire – £350
Footgolf – 6 Hour Hire – £450


  • 12 Holes
  • 2 x Footballs
  • Poles
  • Rule Book

Notes: Suitable area ideally grassed is required

Age Restriction: 5 Years

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