Crossbow shooting at our Bournemouth range will leave you awe struck, with the latest 40lb crossbows at your disposal.

Our crossbows feature red dot scopes and telescopic sights for those who want ultimate precision and accuracy, those who want a challenge can use traditional iron sights.

Stag parties just can’t resist getting their hands on our impressive armoury and often book axe throwing or target shooting alongside this activity for the ultimate target sport package.

Hold her steady as you pull back the string to the cocked position, load a bolt, take aim and release your bolt down range at a speed of 230 feet per second!

Easy to use and immense fun, previous experience is not required to master the basics of crossbow shooting. Unlike Archery which requires practice and technique, crossbows are amazingly simple in operation and this makes them the perfect activity for most age groups and abilities.

After some expert tuition you will have the choice to test your skills with some fun mini competitions using FIFA approved paper targets.

“The English longbow archer was a skilled instrument of war but took years to train, crossbows changed medieval combat as anyone could use one with minimal training”

With a well-documented history crossbows date to the 11th Century when they were the preferred arm of choice for most medieval armies. Easy to learn the crossbow was more favoured over the traditional longbow.

Our 40lb crossbows are more than powerful enough but much easier to load taking into account additional safety considerations. Hen parties and Scout groups also prefer our 40lb crossbows due to the ease in which they can be loaded.

Our mobile crossbow range is great for team building activities and corporate entertainment days, we can come to your workplace with our instructors. How accurate are your crossbow shooting skills, will you be crowned the crossbow champion of your group?

Crossbows Prices

On Site:
Crossbows – 1 Hour Session – £25 Per Head

Off Site Hire:
Crossbow Range Hire – 4 Hour – £480
Crossbow Range Hire – 6 Hour – £650


  • Crossbows
  • Bolts
  • Bow Stands
  • Targets
  • Safety Net
  • Instructors

Notes: Space required 12 x 6 meters.

Age Restriction: 12 Years

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