Knife Throwing

Throwing an axe is one thing but learning how to throw a dagger with one point of contact into a target 15 meters away is a skill that can be mastered with our instructor’s tuition. This activity is great for stag parties and can be combined with our tomahawk axe throwing to make the perfect event.

Our throwing knives are the best in the knife throwing industry, perfectly balanced for ultimate throwing precision, and manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

Knife throwing has a long history as a martial art skill and has evolved into a competitive sport which is not only fun but very addictive. You will learn how to correctly throw the knife considering distance to the target, correct rotations and perfecting accuracy.

During the session you will be shown how to safely handle the knives and learn different throwing techniques including spin and no spin. You will master correct knife rotations at different ranges so when it comes to competition time you will show your buddies what you’re really made of!

Knife throwing can be done as a standalone activity or can be combined with other target sports such as axe throwing, archery or crossbows for the ultimate target sports package.

Knife Throwing Prices

On Site:
Knife Throwing – 1 Hour Session – £25 Per Head

Off Site Hire:

Knife Throwing – 2 Hours – £275
Knife Throwing – 4 Hours – £480


  • Throwing Knives
  • Timber Targets
  • Target Stands
  • Knife Safety Net
  • Instructors

Notes: Space required 10 x 10 meter.


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