Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser clay pigeon shooting in Bournemouth can be enjoyed by all ages from young to old and is hugely popular at weddings functions, team building events, corporate days and stag parties.

This target sport is the same as traditional clay pigeon shooting but features de-activated shotguns fitted with electronic equipment, firing harmless infrared laser beams. This makes laser clay shooting ideal for public events such as family fun days, fetes, charity events as you get the immense thrill of firing a shotgun but with out the associated safety risks.

The aim of the game is to shoot a plastic clay which has a reflective surface, each gun has its own frequency and is numbered on a score board for easy scoring. If you hit a clay with your laser beam then it will be recorded on the Lasersport scoreboard for all to see. This adds a competitive edge as you compete in real time against your fellow laser clay shooters.

Operation is simple, players are instructed to switch on their guns using the safety catch and then to take aim at the speeding clay whilst squeezing their trigger, just like a real shotgun you only get 2 shots per clay! The score board emits realistic sound effects as each gun is fired, any hits are indicated by a satisfying noise of a smashing clay.

An indicator on the gun instantly tells the player whether he has hit or missed the target, with spectators and players seeing the scores on the electronic scoreboard.

With an automatic trap stacked with 50 reusable clays we can ensure a high turn over of participants, ideal for small private events or larger functions.

“The laser clay system uses 5 shot guns so at anyone time 5 people can partake in this activity”

Laser clay shooting is the perfect activity for any wedding event and often is centre stage entertainment at wedding receptions. Guests can enjoy the thrill of shooting in a completely safe environment.

Our mobile laser clay pigeon shooting package includes delivery, set up and one of our highly trained shooting instructors.

Laser clay shooting is the perfect alternative to clay pigeon shooting as there is no pain or bruising to the shoulder which is associated with firing real shot guns. A big plus for Hen parties who are celebrating in Bournemouth.

We also suggest axe throwing, crossbows and archery if you want to combine this activity for an ultimate target sports package.

The fun doesn’t stop at sundown. When daylight starts to fade we will switch on “Night Shoot Mode”

In night shooting mode the the scoreboard light up vibrantly displaying the scores in fluorescent yellow.

The trap also features a UV strobe which charges special luminescent clays so you will see your target clearly as it lights up the nights sky!

Laser clay shooting is completely clean and environmentally friendly, leaving no mess so is suitable for agricultural shows and fundraising events.

If noise is an issue, then no problem as our laser clay system features an adjustable volume switch. Please contact us if you require any more information about our laserclay shooting hire.

Laser Clay Pigeon Prices 

On Site:
Laser Clay Shooting – 1 Hour – £25 Per Head

Off Site Hire:

5 x Gun Laserclay System – 4 Hour – £550
5 x Gun Laserclay System – 7 Hour – £900


  • 5 x Laser Shotguns
  • 1 x Scoreboard
  • 1 x Hand controller
  • Clay Trap & Clays
  • Numbered Place Matts
  • Gazebo
  • Instructors

Notes: Minimum set up space required 30 meters x 30 meters.

Age Restriction: 12 Years

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