Laser Tag 

Our Laser Tag sessions are filled with epic fast paced action! Thrilling missions are run back to back in our woodland battle arena, the perfect setting for those of you who like to be sneaky beaky!

Our state-of-the-art equipment is not to be confused with Quasar, Laser Quest or icombat. The systems we use are developed from equipment used by many of the world’s leading militaries for realistic battlefield training and is so advanced that even the British Army are using it!

The main appeal of Laser Tag is that there is no mess, pain or foggy masks which is usually associated with paintball so it’s well suited for practically everyone, young or old. Not only pain and mess free, it is also much safer than paintball as there is no physical round fired.

The taggers fire an infrared beam similar to the one found in your TV remote. Hits are recorded on infrared sensors positioned on the players headband which light up red when hit as a visual indicator that the player has been hit/eliminated.

The aim of the game is to win by completing team objectives or by eliminating all of the opposition which makes this the perfect activity for corporate team building.

Exceptionally popular with Schools, Colleges as well as Cubs and Scouts. Great for birthday parties, we can even come to your venue with our kit!

The Equipment – Adventure Sports HQ and Battlefield Live

We are the only site in the whole of the UK who are operating using equipment from the two market leaders “Adventure Sports HQ” and “Battlefield Live”.

Our armoury boasts the latest taggers in the industry ….


Adventure Sports HQ

  • XM7 Sub Machine guns
  • XM22 Support Weapons
  • M4 Snipers


Battlefield Live

  • Scorpion Sub Machine Guns
  • Commando Sniper Rifles


Semi or fully automatic firing modes, for ultimate battlefield realism. We are using the very best and most realistic laser tag equipment in the UK.

Laser Tag Prices

On Site:
Laser Tag – 2 Hour Session – £25 Per Head

Off Site Hire:

Laser Tag – 2 Hour Hire – £350
Laser Tag – 4 Hour Hire – £500
Laser Tag – 6 Hour Hire – £850


  • Laser Taggers (Guns)
  • Camouflage coveralls
  • Boonie Hat
  • Respawn Boxes
  • Dominator box
  • Instructors

Notes: Ideally woodland or urban settings are best suited for off site hire.

Age Restriction: 6 Years

Laser Tag Vs Paintball

Paintball: Projectiles travel at 275 feet per second causing bruising. Buying extra paintballs can double the initial price.

Masks are made for the adult market and don’t always give a 100% safe fit to younger players. Masks often fog up causing frustration and restrictive viewing of the game arena.

Laser Tag: Completely safe with no risk of impact injuries meaning 100% pain free. No fogging masks so all players young and old get a fully immersive game experience.

Anti-cheat technology, we can set lives and ammunition so when players are eliminated or out of ammo their equipment is automatically disabled.

No waiting between games, we can run games back to back and best of all no additional costs!

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