High Striker Hire Dorset – Our massive 13ft high striker is the perfect activity to separate the men from the boys and women from the girls. Test your strength as you whack the plunger with a mallet sending the pluck zooming up the scale with the aim of hitting the bell!

With a sliding scale of 1 – 100 the player must whack the plunger with a rubber mallet sending the puck up the strength scale, if you’re a true circus strongman then you’ll ring the bell with ease. For kids we can always adjust the resistance settings, making it easier for them to hit the bell.

High strikers are hugely popular when combined with our fete stall packages and no fun fair would be complete without one. Our fun fair packages include fete stalls such as tin can alley, hook a duck, hoopla and coconut shy.

Whether it’s a family fun day, village fair or school fete you’re guaranteed to attract large crowds from both kids and adults alike. With a quick turn around this high striker fun fair game is great for events with large volumes of people.  Not only immensely fun but also very competitive especially if it involves family members or work colleagues.

Charity events are another area where high strikers are the ideal activity as you can charge per go and award prizes for the highest score.

Our high striker is a perfect standalone activity and is often hired out at promotional events and exhibition stands to draw in the crowds. No one can resist that lure of whacking something with a rubber mallet and that lure can be further increased with the attraction of winning a prize!

Using the latest materials our high striker can be set up anywhere in or outdoors (height permitting) and disassembles into two parts. The sturdy base unit weights 35 kg for maximum stability and features additional anchor points in the plate when used outside. The fiberglass tower conveniently bolts on to the base making set up time less than 5 minutes.


On Site:
High Striker Hire – 1 Hour – £125 

Off Site Hire:
High Striker Hire – 2 Hour – £250
High Striker Hire – 4 Hour – £350
High Striker Hire – 6 Hour – £395
High Striker Hire – 24 Hour – £550


  • Rubber Mallet

Notes: Space required 2 x 2 meters.

Age Restriction: 6 Years

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