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Quad biking and Rage Buggies are old news, the new kid on the block is the “Power Turn Buggy” a truly unique off-road vehicle which is now dominating the off-road karting scene.


This new type of extreme off-road buggy features two powerful engines which independently power each of the rear wheels. This gives the buggies their insane ability to rapidly change direction on the spot whilst powering into a full-on wheelie when maxed out with both throttles.


Utilising skid steer technology you can power up or down either side of the kart, this gives you the ability to spin and doughnut whilst rapidly sliding around corners.


There is no steering wheel, just whack both throttle sticks forward and the buggy will incline as the power surges through the wheels pinning you to the seat!


You will be happy to know that these buggies feature a full roll cage which are fitted with rear caster wheels which act as arrestors to prevent the buggy from flipping during harsh acceleration. Bucket seats with 3 point harnesses and engine cut off switches on dash board for maximum safety.


If you want to up the game, then why not attempt some cooperative driving with your passenger taking control of his side of the buggy for some hilarious results!


This is a perfect motorsport activity for corporative team building events and is enjoyed by stag parties as well as hen do’s.


We can bring our powerturns to your venue if you are planning a team day or would like our services at a promotional event.









On Site:


Powerturn Buggies - 60 minutes - £38 Per Head  



Off Site Hire:


2 x Powerturn Buggies - 4 Hour Hire - £850


2 x Powerturn Buggies - 6 Hour Hire - £1500



Includes: Safety helmet, racing balaclavas, fuel  

and safety instructor.


Notes: Minimum area size of 50 x 50 subject to risk assessment. 


Age Restriction: 18 Years 

Powerturn off road buggy being driven by hen partykey information about our company in bullet point format